Manual Trans. Issues

Discussion in '1993 - 1997 Ford Ranger' started by Conrad, Dec 19, 2009.

  1. Conrad

    Conrad New Member

    Hello! I have a 94 4.0 5spd with possible transmission issues, this problem has occured twice now. While driving, the Ranger seems to fall out of gear (shifter stays in place), I try to accelerate and the rpm's go up but no power to the rear wheels, hear a high pitch grinding noise. Pull over and try to engage other gears with no luck, just the same noise. Wait about 30 sec. and suddenly the truck works fine. Checked all trans. mounts and bolts and they are secure. Fluid is full but very gray and metallic, clutch seems to work fine. Shifting lever is properly attached. I'm thinking bad transmission or syncros. Any suggestions? The Ranger has electronic 4x4 and just over 200k miles. Also, often hear a clunking noise as I shift and let off the clutch petal. Thanks for your thoughts!
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  3. 94mtx

    94mtx 2wd 4" lifted

    I have a similar problem!

    My truck just recently showed me she is unappreciative of my scheduled maintenance.
    I was driving down the highway doing about 65 mph in 5th gear, when all of a sudden the rear tires locked up, and it wasnt going into gear. I pulled over and tried putting into first gear. I got nothing. i shut the truck off then put it in gear. Started it back up and it was ok.
    When I reached speeds of excess of 25mph, the rear tires lock up again. So It goes but only to 25mph. When traveling under 25, there is a god awe-full noise coming from the tranns. It sounds like bearings grinding or something to that effect. Im thinking the TOB snapped or maybe the pressure plate teeth might have broke. If anyone has advice or may know what is going on, please inform us. I'm pulling the tranny this weekend and gonna see whats up. Ill post pics. and let u guys see.
    thank you
  4. carlosashley76

    carlosashley76 New Member

    my input shaft broke

    I have a 94 4.0 5spd ranger ext. cab 4x4 STX. My tranny made a lot of noise but shifted fine. i was driving down the highway and slowed down for a car to turn and as i was shifting into 4th, my shifter went straight to the floor in between my seats. i picked it back up an the rest of the gears still worked. I didnt notice any new noise. fourth still worked but i had to put in slowly. the fluid was also gray and had los of metal shavings. i drove it for two months after changing the fluid. I drove down the road one morning went to shift in 3rd gear an nothing was there. i still had cluch. every gear wouldnt give power to the wheels. I took out the trans and opened it up and found my input shaft in two peices. i was driving it like that for 200 miles. everything was new on the trans and i cant find out wat caused the problem. those four wheel drive trannys dont come cheap. love the truck so i have to get one.
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