Loved my used, beat up '95 so much.....

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by helipilot, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. helipilot

    helipilot New Member

    I just took delivery of a new 2011 Ranger.
    My old 95 (puchased in 2007 for $1500) had about 200,000 miles on gave me another 80,000 and cost a grand total of $17.00 in parts (starter brushes).
    I had my heart set on either a new Nissan Frontier or a Toyota Tacoma....but the longer my 95 B-2300 soldiered on..the more I fell in love with the Ranger series...
    Tough, simple and less than $16,000 Canadian brand has no equal.

    While lacking in the sophistication and amenities of it's Japanese competitors....I was specifically looking for kids had to ask how to use the hand-crank windows!

    It was impossible to find exactly what I wanted at a dealer....they all stock the higher profit margin V-6's...and I hate V6's! (just why would you put a big engine in a little truck anyways?? ...)
    I wanted the 2.3L with Air and 5sp and in an Extra-Cab in late August I placed my order from the factory before the line shut down for good..
    The order was sent about a week before FoMoCo cut off factory orders to Canada and in late Oct, I received my new charcoal grey, extra-cab, 5sp, 4 cyl Ranger....Sweet!

    I have some issue with how it arrived (without jump-seats and with 4.10 gearing....and I hope I can find some answers here.

    Looking forward to reading and posting and mostly enjoying my little 2011 Ranger...
    Nice Job Ford.....I think your making a big mistake in canceling Ranger production..
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    Welcome to Ranger Forum
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    I was just reading a thread regarding rear end ratios ad saw that I better create a signature....Good idea...
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    welcome to rfn....
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    Welcome to RF!!
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    Hey welcome to let's see some pics?
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    Welcome to the Ranger boards!
  15. Thought I welcomed you, but I guess not lol Welcome to the forum man!
  16. OP

    helipilot New Member

    Thanks to all for the warm welcome!
    I am now in Azerbaijan doing my bit to keep BP in business and the President of the country awash in greenbacks,,,,,but looking forward to spending a little time in my shop with the new Ranger...and undertaking a few minor mods.....the gears for a start!
  17. OP

    helipilot New Member

    First Mod...$18 !

    Well thanks to being posted into a country that's still got a lot of 'wild west' mentality...particularly when it comes to law enforcement and standardization...I found a set of 80/60 Watt headlamps...(normal is 55/40)
    Almost impossible to find in Canada...they're about $9 USD over here!

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