Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Jon, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Jon

    Jon Administrator

    Welcome to! We are just getting things going here, but are pretty excited about creating a great community of Ranger fans.

    Please introduce yourself and let us know a little bit about you and your truck... :D
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  3. enawdski

    enawdski New Member

    Yey! Enawdski here, from F150form, I don't have a ranger, but an everest, it is the wagon model of the ranger, released here in our part of the world.
    Our ranger/everest has only CRDI diesel engines, 4x2, 2.5 duratorq crdi engine and a 4x4, 3.0 duratorq crdi engine.

  4. Uncle Tony

    Uncle Tony New Member

    Hello everyone. Also over from the F150 forum.

    Retired. Doing part-time as a driving instructor and school substitute. Love trucks. Enjoy the outdoor sports, i.e. Hiking, Camping, Hunting as well as travelling, going to the movies and taking long drives. Am a grand-pappy four times over.

  5. kc5gxl

    kc5gxl New Member

    Hello all;

    My name is Dan, and I live in Orange, Texas, near the Louisiana border and the Gulf of Mexico. At the present, I teach auto mechanics at the local Jr college. In my previous life, I drove a lot of Ford Rangers...from a 72 Courier, to an 84, 87, and 97.

    My interest in the Ranger comes in the form of building one into a little street machine. I would like to do a frame off build up, and maybe stick a 302 in an early model. We'll have to see on that one. I am just now putting a V8 into an old Safari van. Hopefully it will be on the road soon.

    At any rate, I digress. Thanks for starting this forum. I am sure it will grow and become THE spot to come to for Ranger info.

    Drive safe,

    Dan Harriman
    Orange, Texas
  6. Tonya Gilmore

    Tonya Gilmore New Member

    HI! Well I guess it would be pretty obvious that my name is Tonya lol. I was registered on F150 Forum as CountryGirl until the F150 got repod last January.

    So I got back into another Ranger. This is my 2nd one & it is a 2002 4x4. So far it is mostly stock, except for an intake & some black headlights that are still sittin in the box here in the floor waiting to be installed this weekend :)
  7. Bill

    Bill New Member

    Hi everyone, been a member of the 150 forum for about a year, have learned alot about the newer vehicles and hope I have passed on info to others taken from my experience of twisting wrenches for 40 years. I'll be checking in now and then just to see if I can help out. Thanks, Bill
  8. Sgtgoose1

    Sgtgoose1 New Member

    Sgtgoose1 from F150 Forums,

    I owned a 1985 & 1998 Ranger and they were Great trucks

    I bought my 1985 March 85 with 7 miles on it had for 6 years until I had to leave for another assignment in 1991 . It had 52,000 miles on it

    I bought my 1998 in Feb of 98 with 16 miles on it and traded it off on my 04 F150 in 2006 when it had over 160,000 miles and I still wish I would of kept it with the F150.

    All had Long beds

    Great Trucks

  9. OP

    Jon Administrator

    Welcome everyone, thanks for the introductions!

    Glad to see some people signing up and getting this site rolling...
  10. OP

    Jon Administrator

    What part of the world are you from?
  11. 1964

    1964 Andreas

    Greetings from Canada
    name is Andreas
    owe a 08 ranger
    great site :thumbsup:
    just have to find my way around here eh
  12. OP

    Jon Administrator

    Welcome Andreas!
  13. passthru

    passthru New Member

    I just bought an 87 ranger 4x4 had the trans rebuilt 4sd auto and it will not pull hills engine seems to be makeing power what may be problem?
  14. OP

    Jon Administrator

    Welcome to the site passthru!
  15. kc5gxl

    kc5gxl New Member

    Could be lots of things causing this. :eek:

    The ignition timing could be too early or late, not allowing the engine to build up any torque under load.

    The valve timing could have slipped giving the engine a loss of power.

    Restricted exhaust, too large of a tire size, etc. These and lots more could be the cause.

    Hope you get it figured out. Let us know what you find out what is causing this.

    Happy motoring,

    Dan Harriman
    Orange, Texas
  16. OP

    Jon Administrator

    Welcome to the site Dan!

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