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    In this How to, You will learn how to remove the dash radio bezel, and replace your OEM fog light switch bulb or bulbs.

    Tools required:
    Ratchet with 9/32 socket
    Flathead screwdriver
    1 small Phillips head screwdriver

    Step 1:

    With your 9/32 socket and ratchet remove the 2 screws underneath the radio.

    Step 2:

    Gently pry the bezel out with your finger tips until the 4 bezel clips pop out.

    Step 3:

    Slide the bezel half way out, then unplug your accessory/foglight switches or what ever you may have on the right side of the bezel.


    Step 4:

    Using your phillipshead screw driver, remove the 2 scews holding your accessory bracket to the bezel. There is 1 upper screw and 1 lower screw.


    Step 5:

    Remove the accessory bracket by pulling straight back on it. Your fog switch(or switches) are still attached to the bracket.


    Step 6:

    While holding the switch bracket, using a small flathead screwdriver, raise the retaining clips which hold the switch to the bracket, and slide the switch forward, out of the bracket.


    Step 7:

    Again, using your small flathead screwdriver, turn the bulb holder counter clockwise 3/4 of a turn and pull the bulb holder out. **Please keep in mind, my bulb holders look different due to them being modified to LED's by Buggman, that is why there is an extended green wire. Regular bulb holders will appear as a flat circle**

    Step 8:

    Once the bulb is removed, replace with an OEM bulb or modified LED bulb.

    Step 9:

    Replace switch, bracket and bezel in reverse order of these instructions.

    Again, please keep in mind, my switches and indicator lights are modified to LED's courtesy of Buggman. OEM bulbs will not show as bright as pictured below and OEM indicator lights will be an amber color.


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