How to: Paint the bottom rockers

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  1. Captured Time

    Captured Time watch this and hold on

    Thought this may help if you wanted to do this so here you go.. sorry didnt take that many picks but i will try to cover ever thing.......

    ( If you do this you do it on your own accord i do not take responsibility for what you do )

    time for job:
    about 6 hours

    tools needed:

    flat head and philips screwdriver's
    sand paper 80-190 gritt
    paint paper ( newspaper or paper bags from the store work too )
    paint tape

    the paint:
    grey or red primer
    what ever paint you want ( i used spray can bed liner took 3 cans )

    first thing if you are doing the front bumper remove your marker lights
    they are held on by 4 small philips screws.

    after you have done this sand down bumpers and rockers with as rough as you can to get get off the clear coat. then sand it all down smoth. after you have sanded it all down get a wet cloth with clean water and wipe every thing down..( DO NOT USE ANY SOAP IT WILL MAKE THE PRIMER NOT STICK )
    if you have rust like i did that will be the only trhing that you need to prime.

    if you do the bumper you can do one of two things paper the lights or do what i did and just hold the cardboard over them.



    after you have primed you will need to go ofer it one more time with the sand paper to smoth it out.

    after you have every thing sanded down you can go ahead and put your paper up to cover what you dont want painted. ( helps if you have some help doing this that way the paper gose on straight and dosnt bunch up on you.


    if you are using bed liner hit every thing with two coats. if not use three coats.

    after every thing is dry put the markers back in and thats it your done



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