How To: Oil Change on 4.0l OHV

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    I nor take any responsibility to any damage done to your truck you or anybody around you while you do this

    I and strongly urge you to responsibly dispose of your used motor oil by taking it to the appropriate oil recycling center, most auto stores do this for you

    Here we go!

    Supplies needed:
    5qts or 5w-30
    oil filter

    Tools needed:

    3/8" rachet
    3/8" 13mm socket
    Filter Wrench
    Oil drain pan



    First: Start motor and let run for 5-10 min to warm up oil, this will oil to get hot and get a more complete drain

    Second: Jack up truck and place on jack stands


    Third: Take 13mm socket and rachet and loosen drain plug. Place the drain pan under oil drain plug, then finish removing it with your fingers ( if you do this quick you can get minimal oil on you )


    now let oil drain till its a slow drip

    Fourth: Now retighten the drain plug to roughly 14 ft. lbs ( dont go to tight as our drain pans are aluminum and can strip ( nd no one wants to replace a drain pan cause it requires removing the engine )

    Fifth: Now remove the oil filter and let it drain into drain pan ( this can sometimes be done by hand or by using a filter wrench )

    Make sure the rubber gasket came off with the filter



    Sixth: after its done draining get new filter out and put FRESH oil in the rubber seal on the new filter


    Seventh: Now tighten filter down. run it till contact then go 3/4 to 2 turns and it is good and tight.

    Eighth: Lower truck back to ground

    Ninth: Now Fill up with desired oil


    Tenth: Start motor and watch oil gauge go to normal ( if it does not move within 15 seconds shut it off immediately! something is seriously wrong!!!)

    Eleventh: Check oil level and look under truck for leaks


    and your done and ready to go another 3-5k miles
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