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    In this write up, you will learn hot to disassemble the ford Mustang/taurus Dome light and paint it. These dome lights are a direct swap for OEM dome lights for 2001-2003 Rangers.

    Tools required:
    Regular and small phillips head screwdrivers
    Small flathead screwdriver
    Ammonia based cleaner (I use windex)
    Paper towels
    Wire hangar
    Clear coat (optional)

    Step 1
    Remove the lens from the dome light by sliding a small flathead screw driver in the rear slot and twist it slightly to pop the back end of the lens off. Then using a small phillips head screwdriver, remove the 3 screws from the center of the dome light.

    Step 2
    Turn the dome light over, using a small phillipshead screwdriver, remove the 4 screws (located at the red dots) that mount the base to the exterior frame.

    Step 3
    Remove the base of the light by pushing in on the black mapt light buttons.

    Step 4
    Clean the plastic exterior well with an ammonia based cleaner, windex works fine for this. Once it has been sprayed, wipe it down until it is dry completely. For best drying results you can use a hair dryer or a compressor on the plastic to remove any residual cleaner.

    Step 5
    Once the frame is COMPLETELY dry, Use a wire hangar to hang the frame for painting. The end of the wire hangar will fit into one of the screw holes tightly so there is no need to wrap the hangar around the entire frame.

    Step 6
    Once your frame is securely hanging, it is ready for paint. I use Krylon Fusion for painting these and also use Krylon clear coat. Make sure the paint is mixed, then spray the frame in a sweeping motion, keeping the can 8-10" away from the frame using light coats. Allow 10 minutes between coats. Depending on the color you are painting the dome light several coats may be needed. I usually use about 3 coats of paint. Once you have reached your desired color, you have the option to clear coat your paint. Using the Krylon clear, spray the frame in the same manner of painting it, allowing 10 minutes between coats. I usually do 5 coats of clear, but again, that is your option as to how many you would like. This is an example of a finished dome light with clear coat.

    Allow the paint to cure for atleast 1 day

    Step 7
    Once the paint has cured, reassemble the light and mount it in the reverse order of steps 1-3

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