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    Disclaimer: The concept for this was not mine, but the photo's/instructions were all taken and written by myself for RF.N

    To make this mount you'll only need a few things:
    A metal vice(or some substitute)
    A Hammer
    A hacksaw or dremel
    A 1/2" drill bit (although having several of smaller sizes will make your life much easier)
    And a 3" T bracket from your local hardware store.

    1st drill the antenna hole.
    For me I made a dent with a nail punch so the drill wouldnt wobble then started with a small bit and stepped up to 1/2"
    Clamping this own will make your life a lot easier.

    2nd bend the bracket.
    Decide which side of the truck you want it on and the bend it accordingly. (see my picture below for the left side of the truck and do the opposite for right)
    I just clamped it with the arm of the bracket out the top and hammered it down until it was at a right angle.

    3rd hacksaw or use a dremel to remove the extra arm of the bracket (see below)

    Lastly check to see if it will bolt right in (you may have to widen one of the pre-drilled holes slightly)


    Then mount the bracket to your tailgate bolts like so:

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