got kids?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by lenimal, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. lenimal

    lenimal Lenimal

    I swear this generation scares the crap out of me. I bought my 16 year old son a beater 1990 E-150 conversion van. I have spent countless hours replacing parts. Now it's down again, it needs an alternator. I called him from work this morning, and the following conversation took place:



    what ya doin?

    Watchin tv

    Well, I want to replace your alternator today and get you back on the road, go hook up the charger to your battery.

    Why, I already know it's dead?

    Ummm, even with the new alternator, it wont start unless the battery is charged.

    Can't you do it when you get here?

    OK...look...the charger is already in the breezeway, and plugged into the extension cord, just clip the two wires onto your battery and turn it on.

    Long pause...


    (Cartoons playing in background)...What?

    Are you going to charge the battery?


    Because I want to fix your van today I have to do it now?

    Either the f*cking battery is charged when I get home, or I will put the television, x-box, playstation, ipod, and computer in it, pour gasoline all over everything, and light that piece of **** on fire when I get home.....are we clear?

    Doesn't it just make you warm and fuzzy about the future knowing we have this generation of "go-getters" growing up?

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  3. I agree, there is no work ethics any more or the drive to get a job, it's funny here in AZ that some people are pissed that mexicans work and the " white" people don't have jobs, well to clear things up a bit the mexicans work and work hardand do it for a fair price , such as landscaper, farm worker, roofer all this done in 110 degree weather.
    I have a friend who has been out of work for 2 yrs he never gets up until after 1 pm in the afternoon come on he does not want a job.

    and maybe the younger generation think they should be entitled to 20 bucks per hour.

    hahahah all I can say is they will learn the hard way, another life lesson
  4. DangerRanger99

    DangerRanger99 who wants a v8?

    i agree im 19 and i have 2 out prob 10 friends my age who have jobs.the fact is they do think they should be paid 20 dollars an hour.when most of them get jobs they quit in a day to a week.i work around 40 hours a week while going to school.and dnt get paid much.i understand the fact im not gonna make good money at 19 but other young people are stupid and think they deserve it
  5. Hooligan

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    Yeah.....These kids need the business end of the buggy whip sometimes!
  6. Brinker88

    Brinker88 Black sheep o' the family

    I've been working since I was 14 and have been a backyard mechanic since I was 18...I learned everything I know now by myself...due to experience. No one in my family is mechanically inclinded...Im 22 yrs old and I can attest that this generation DOES have decent kids...Im one of them...and maybe the only one...lmao
  7. Hurley

    Hurley Superultramegalurker

    I am 21 and everything I have I pay for. Cell phone car insurance, internet, food, ect. I have been busting my ass doin any kind of manual labor from tree work to digging ditches on a job site. It's not really fair to say that the entire generation has no work ethic. I fix my own truck, everything from oil changes to dropping in my motor. If there is something I need to do it will be done before my dad tells me to do it and before I sit down to watch tv. I can hold a job along with doing any kind of side work I can.
  8. Brinker88

    Brinker88 Black sheep o' the family

    ^ There's #2
  9. that's it only 2 i figured at least 3 lol
  10. DeceptiFord

    DeceptiFord New Member

    I would agree you cannot put it on ALL of the kids coming up, but there are a lot more of them NOW than even when I was in high school, and that was just ten years ago. In my high school, everyone had a job or worked on your family farm, or BOTH like me. Nothing happened in town until at least after dark because that's when the chores were done and we had time to go out. That's the other big change in the last ten years. I don't see kids going out and doing things as much as before. I don't mean big things, I mean the stupid stuff we used to do like drive around town and bug friends, try to ramp our pickups off the old railroad crossings, the occasional pasture party... I see kids getting into more mature things at a less mature age and THAT my friends, combined with the sheer amount of APATHY, lack of supervision, and constant need for instant gratification, is what scares me. My stepdaughter is 12, she is respectful and helps in the house, and wherever she goes. At our house, its not a free ride and she is OK with that... for now. I AM a little scared of the next 5 years...
  11. OP

    lenimal Lenimal

    the kid

    Well, the good news is; I didn't let him sit on the couch. I made him go repair his van WITH me. Once I got him started, he dug in like a champ. Made me proud to see him elbow deep in filth. We replaced his alternator, and ground wire, and the van runs good now. I apologize for offending the younger Rangerforum crowd, what I should have said was; "MY kid scares me". This kid couldn't organize 75 cents with a pocket full of quarters.
    But I'm not giving up, there ARE some things I can MAKE him do, like learning to maintain a vehicle :thumbup1:
  12. Taylor

    Taylor Roman 1:16

    Browsing through the forum and came accross this thread.

    I agree that work ethic has taken a downfall the past couple of years. In the past 3 or 4 months, I have watched temps come and go LIKE WATER. These guys, some young, some a little older, come in and leave either the same day, or a couple of days later. I will admit, working in any kind of steel fabrication plant can be tough sometimes, but it seems as if everybody wants an office job making $30/hr. I just wish more people had a better work ethic.

    It makes me upset to see people hurting for a job, while watching people walk out on employment. I dont mean to call people lazy, but I just wish that more people would put forth a little more elbow grease.
  13. Hurley

    Hurley Superultramegalurker

    i sweat elbow grease
  14. Taylor

    Taylor Roman 1:16

    I bottle my elbow grease. Ill post a classified add soon.
  15. Hurley

    Hurley Superultramegalurker

    hahaha thats awesome

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