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    Custom created vinyl T-Shirts (Hats will be available soon!)
    All graphics are High Quality ORACAL Siserweed Heat Transfer Vinyl.
    Custom Requests accepted.
    When asking for custom stuff, please provide the following info for a price quote:
    1. GRAPHIC SIZE. How Tall, How Wide. (Max is 14x14 for shirts)
    2. GRAPHIC COLOR(S). What color or colors. Some colors are more expensive than others.
    3. FONTS. Provide me a font name, or a link to download the font you want.
    4. SHIRT SIZE. Small, Medium, Large, XL. (2XL, 3XL shirts cost a bit more)
    5. SHIRT COLOR. Solid Colors Only for now.
    6. GRAPHIC LOCATIONS. Where do you want the graphics, front, back, top, bottom, left/right, etc.

    Solid Color Shirts and Graphics (Black Shirt with White Graphic) will run about $15 one sided, $20 two sided (price may vary depending on custom graphic and details. PLUS SHIPPING.

    I accept Paypal.
    I will also accept Checks/Money Orders.
    Custom Shirts WILL NOT be made, until payment is received.

    Visit my thread in the Vendor area!

    Also Visit my Custom Vinyl Graphic Decal Thread!

    My First shirt for my local Motorcycle Chapter, Freedom First Riders....just did the front for now:
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