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Discussion in '3.0 Engine' started by Trfontaine, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. Trfontaine

    Trfontaine New Member

    first time post - I have a 03 ranger with the 3.0 and about 150k miles. About a month ago the check engine light came on. I then noticed a loss of power going up hills. I took it in and was told a coil went bad and I was running on 3 cyl. We replaced both coils, all wires and plugs and it was running fine. Shortly after that (two weeks tops) the light came on while I was idling in a traffic jam. I took it back. Low compression in two cylinders and he thinks the rings are bad. I told him I wasn’t going to drop that kind of money into that truck and he told me to drive it ‘til it died.

    Since then the light comes and goes but here is what I have figured out. It starts misfiring at idle. If I go through a long wait at a drive through or leave it running to take trash to the dump the light will flash. The second i give it some gas the light will go solid. If I get on the highway and cruse for 30 minutes, the light will turn off. I am not mechanical by any means but I was thinking this problem has to do with something with the idle and not needing a new head.

    thanks for your help,
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  3. Diablo

    Diablo New Member

    generally o2 sensor , if a couple of cylinders are not firing than excess fuel is being " seen" by the sensor possibly causing the light to come on.?
  4. ZRanger28

    ZRanger28 Got boost?

    whats the codes?
  5. OP

    Trfontaine New Member

    I've thought about the o2 sensors but I don't understand why it would only show during idle.
    Honestly I don't remember the codes, it's been a while. I can pull them tomorrow if advance is open tomorrow.
  6. texaslorraine

    texaslorraine New Member

    Very new to this plug and play mechanic stuff...How do I determine codes w/o going to Ford house? or is this not an option? My ck engine lite was on after I first got her in 2010 and they put about $900 worth of repairs in her and still, check engine light on. sometimes I do smell sulfer. is this the catalytic converter and does this impact the ck engine light? Options please. thanks texaslorraine
  7. mcdonald58

    mcdonald58 New Member

    go to advance auto parts or any auto parts store and ask them to scan for codes. after that if the computer dosent come up with an answer google the code and find out what it means.
  8. texaslorraine

    texaslorraine New Member

    codes ???

    thank you McDonald. will try that this coming week.

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