For Sale: buggman OHC LED panel mod (ky)

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    buggman Do not touch the trim!

    Some of you already know about these, but I can't seem to find my specific thread on them, so here goes.

    My Explorer OHC LED panel mod...

    Basically you remove the old bulb holder assembly from your ohc and replace all that old stuff with my led panel. Only 3 wires from the old bulb assembly will need to be cut & attached to the led panel via screw terminals.
    Your old screws should be long enough, but I'll include longer screws just in case.

    These will fit the style of OHC pictured, but they should also fit the "sunroof" model as well.

    These are WAY brighter than the stock bulbs/reflector assembly & are probably brighter than any plug-in LED (they're definitely brighter than the brightest plug-in led's I've found so far).

    On to some pics...

    (thanks to El Bandito for this pic)




    How bright are they???
    How about this???

    Taken from about 10' away, completely dark garage, only light is the ohc led panel with the lens cover removed.

    Here's a LINK to my ohc mods pics where I have more (older) pics as well as my install instructions.

    The install should take less than 5 minutes & you'll only need basic hand tools.

    Note: NO complete OHC is included, ONLY the led panel mod.

    Pricing = $25 +sh/ins/tracking (generally about $7 via priority mail within the USA. Canada shipping will probably be a couple bucks more)

    I have a couple ready to go right now :sombrero: so grab 'em before they're all gone!!!

    I should also note that my current version of the ohc led panel mod has 60 led's and the actual circuit layout may differ slightly from the old pics as I'm always looking for ways to improve on my design.
    The "stock" color will be WHITE but I can do custom versions in Red, Blue, Green & Yellow. I normally paint the circuit board white to help reflect light, but I can paint them in a variety of colors too.
    Custom versions will be slightly more expensive & will need to be done on a pre-order basis.

    Small update:

    I have one "blemished" ohc led panel I was working on... but it kinda fell off my work table & chipped part of the pcb off.
    I couldn't let it go to waste so I installed 48 led's in it & wired it up as I do with my others.

    Once installed, the blemish on the side doesn't actually show (I'll try to get pics of it tonight) and it's still really bright.

    For this one "blemished" ohc led panel, I'm discounting it down to $20.00 +sh/ins/tracking. Just have the one oops panel, but I have a few of my normal quailty led panels ready to go :sombrero:

    I'll update the thread if someone jumps on the blemished one or if I run low on the regular ones.

    Pics of blem:


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