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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by pa's blue truck, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. pa's blue truck

    pa's blue truck New Member

    I have a 2006 FX Ranger with 65'000 miles on it. After looking at the price of the 2019 I plan on keeping what I have. I know shocks are a must, a new diff cover is needed, and ball joints. Any ideas on changing out all fluids? Has anyone done their alloy wheels over? how about a good brand of running boards ?
    Just trying to keep it going for another 13 years
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  3. 1998Ranger2WDTom

    1998Ranger2WDTom New Member

    My two cents.....
    I am a firm believer of care for it, maintain it keep it.
    Oil is cheaper than motors. Although it might excessive it is true. The oil in your vehicle rarely breaks down unless overheated, it does get contaminated and that contamination is what causes abrasive wear. If your fluids are not "clear", they are contaminated to some degree. Pretty simple concept. Several of my vehicles have several 100,000 on them. If you change your oil every 3,500 miles that is my limit. Or if you think it is better to save the $1000 of oil changes and replace the motor instead that works too.

    As far as shocks, that is a ride and handling issue, they have nothing to do with "shock" as in the hit that happens from a pothole or bump. They absorb the recoil of the suspension from shooting you into the air like a slingshot or gag gift can of snakes. Especially for handling rear shocks help control the hop effect on rough roads that are not straight.

    If the differential cover is that bad.... Assess the whole frame there could be frame issue if there is excessive scaling.

    Get a needle grease adapter and inject grease through the boot at the rear facing spot so air or water have the least chance to contaminate while driving.

    Yes I clean my alloy wheels. The old fashioned way, elbow grease works every time.
    I take my wheels of course brush and wash them with Dawn DWdetergent, the frist time I start course and use whatever grit is required to get it clean. If you really want it right I can give you my process. It depends if they are sealed with a clear coating.
    I strip those and start from scratch. This takes patience and it takes me a full day or more to do four wheels. My VW took every bit of a full Saturday, my dodge took two full weekends. Or you could pay someone to do it right, insist on strip and recoat, and it will be 50~$75 Per wheel for a good job.

    Anyway , back to the shop for me, hope this helps you.
  4. OP
    pa's blue truck

    pa's blue truck New Member

    Thank you for the info. I am trying not to spend $40,000 on a new Ranger when the old one still has lots of life left. Any recommendations on a brand of shock? My biggest problem is living in the rust belt. I've changed out bad parts and try to keep ahead of the curve. I've changed oil every 3000 since new. I totally agree with you maintenance is the key. Thanks again.
  5. 1998Ranger2WDTom

    1998Ranger2WDTom New Member

    I agree on caring and keeping my stuff....
    My Ranger will son have 300,000 !!!!
    Personally I use what is on Sale, I lean toward Monroe. But technically as constructed the seals and valving it today's products probably do not vary tremendously and the key is maintenance.

    I am also in PA. There are many things to do for longevity.

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