94 manuel shifting problem

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by P-DUB SD, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. P-DUB SD


    hey all im new here. i have a 94 4x4 5 speed that im having problems getting into gear some times. i put some synthetic mercon in there but the problem still exist. i also looked at the clutch through the hole in the tranny and it looks good, and there is no slipage when i do get it into gear any one got a clue what to try next thx
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  3. Jon

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  4. OP
    P-DUB SD


    thankx man
  5. Rangerak

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    Sounds familiar to me as I traded my 94 4X4 five speed on my new to me truck 2001 4X4 Edge. I had the same problem with shifting and it was the hydraulic clutch slave cylinder needed to be replaced. I tried bleeding it but it didn't help. To bleed it you need a friend to step on the clutch while you or someone crawls under the truck. There is an access hole in the transmission/bell housing on the drivers side. Bleed it much the same as you would your brakes. Have friend step on the clutch and hold it down crack the bleeder screw until no fluid comes out and immediately close the screw. Make sure the master cylinder reservoir is full at all times during this procedure. Good luck this may take several tries to get the air out. Also if there is air in the system it had to get in there somehow. Perhaps at one time the fluid level in the master cylinder was low enough to allow air to get into the system. Or like in my case the slave cylinder was shot.

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