93 Ranger won't start, ICM or CPS

Discussion in '1993 - 1997 Ford Ranger' started by Grampa, Jan 27, 2017.

  1. Grampa

    Grampa New Member

    Hello, I have a problem with my 93 XLT Ranger 2.3L It ran but had a code 233 (SPOUT, IDM or DPI). I replaced the ICM and now it won't start. When I turn the key to the start position it sometimes fires one plug then just continues to crank. Supply voltage and ground are both good on the ICM.

    I get strange readings on signals from the CPS. Back probing PIP and CID wires at top of ICM and hand cranking results in 7 volts high and .1 volts low. The low is fine but shouldn't the high be over 10 volts?

    I disconnected the CPS, fed it battery + & ground and probed the outputs while turning the engine by hand. That gives 12.5 volts high and 0.1 volts low which seems like the right readings for a bench test which this basically is. So the CPS is good?

    I got a new CPS, plugged it in, tripped it with feeler gauges and read 5 volts high and .9 volts low when back probing PIP & CID at the ICM. Even the new CPS reads wrong.

    I don't know where to go from here. It seems like either the CPS or the ICM is bad but how do I tell. Remember the the truck ran with this CPS before I put in a new ICM. I forgot to mention that the new ICM failed the parts store test once then passed three times in a row. And the old ICM had to be busted up just to get it out so I can't go back to it.

    Has anyone seen this before? Any suggestions would be appreciated. :)
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  3. ZappyBear

    ZappyBear Member

    I believe the fuel pump will not run unless the computer picks up a CPS signal. Maybe put a fuel pressure gauge on it, turn the key on, relieve the pressure with the button on the side of the gauge, and see if you get pressure as you're cranking it?
  4. wilfvoakes

    wilfvoakes New Member

    There is a black plastic thing by the radiator that may be bad

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