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4HI AND 4LO lights same time

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  1. Ranger38611

    Ranger38611 New Member

    i have a 2001 Rager, 4WD, 6cyl, 4 liter.

    I got in my truck this morning to go home from work. Here in Memphis, we are having a snow storm.

    The temp was about 12F. However, I have driven my truck much colder and worse ice/snow.

    Anyway - my 4WD switch was set at 2WD as it has been for 2 days. I used 4HI to get home 2days ago but have been 124mi since.

    This morning, I started the truck and began clearing the glass. When I jumped in and got ready to head home - the switch was in 2WD. However, the 4WD HI AND the 4WD LO lights were illuminated.

    I used the switch to go to 4HI and 4LO then moved enough to make sure the front diff was not engaged. I also used the owners manual to make sure the diff was unlocked before heading home.

    After the thermostat opened and engine was up to operating temperature - both lights went out.

    This truck and I are accustomed to ice, snow, heavy farm mud, rain, etc.

    Anybody have any ideas?

    Thank you.

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