3.0L EGR problems

Discussion in '1998 - 2011 Ford Ranger' started by 99 Ranger, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. 99 Ranger

    99 Ranger New Member

    My 3.0 was diagnosed with "bad EGR flow". I took the EGR off and cleaned it (wasn't that dirty/not to much carbon build up) and it seemed to work when bench tested the old fashon way, by sucking on it.:p
    My next guess is the control solinoid. I"m hoping the EGR port into the manifold isn't clogged.
    Does anyone have any insight on this problem? I'd appreciate any help/hints. Thanks.
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  3. My 98 Ranger has the same issue. I've replaced the EGR valve, the EGR sensor module and checked all of the EGR lines for cracks and lose connections. I still get the infamouns P0401 code. The way my 98 Ranger is running at low speed (hesitation and surging) I believe it may be the MAF but I am going to take it into a mechanic for formal diagnosis before I replace anything else.
  4. OP
    99 Ranger

    99 Ranger New Member

    I am pretty aggravated at this truck... I'm going to try the EGR valve it's self this weekend. If that doesn't fix it I may just drive it off a cliff!:(
  5. P0401, EGR Error

    Just thought I'd follow up. I am going to replace my MAF sensor this week. A new one cost about $200.00 from NAPA (you can also get rebuilt ones for about $90.00). It is a bit of a gamble but I am pretty sure it is the cause.

    I was researching the problem on line and found that this particular MAF has "issues" and is a not-so-good design. Typical indications are hesitation at low RPMs. pinging and the check engine light is on.

    I had the same problem a few years ago and I took it to Ford. Four hundred dollars later it ran like a champ after they replaced the MAF. I did not find out what check engine code was at that time but I'll bet it was P0401.

    I'll get back to you next week.
  6. OP
    99 Ranger

    99 Ranger New Member

    All fixed... was the DPFE sensor. A dealer only item:thumbdown: at $134 it wasn't cheap but worth it to put an end to my saga.
  7. Proteus

    Proteus New Member

    I just disabled my egr valve havent had any pinging but I run lucas fuel additive I left it on truck so I can pass inspection but it doesn't work. As long as you leave the electrical connections alone the computer doesn't know. I throw codes every once in a while but i just clear them and move on usually on cool morning after start up but I don't like the whole egr system it seems kinda stupid to me
  8. 05dangerranger

    05dangerranger New Member

    99 ford ranger egr

    change the egr backflow sensor,fixed my problem.

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