2002 ranger questions

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bob Palmer, Apr 2, 2019.

  1. Bob Palmer

    Bob Palmer New Member

    i have a chance to get a 2002 ranger that is missing the auto trans and both drive shafts. i do not yet know the rest of the trucks condition the owner said he drove it daily and the trans went out. it is a 4x4. so if i was to get this truck how many combinations of transmissions and drive shafts would i have to look for?

    i did a vin on it and the vin said it was a 4.0l auto trans i think it said 5 speed but may be 6 speed. it said 4 door so it is the extended cab with the back half doors. below is the info he gave so maybe someone here can decipher this even better. also being i'm not real up on the rangers what would i look for the see if it has any other issues? can't do much being the trans he said is out and in parts. and the drive shafts are gone. being i'm retired this looks like it would be a good summer project to get going for the winter, but not if the consensus is that i will have a time getting the parts for it that so far i know it needs. also they want 700.00 for it so for starters is is cheap enough. and it looks to be in good sahpe outside of the missing drive components.
    thanks bp

    2002 Ford Ranger

    VIN: 1FTZR45E82TA57119
    condition: fair
    cylinders: 6 cylinders
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  3. DeanMk

    DeanMk Member

    You have one tranny option - the auto tranny and the transfer case that was attached to it (I believe they were married by 2002).
    Oh sure, you could swap to the 5 speed manual, but then you'll need to pull the steering column, so you can pull the shifter (possibly need to acquire a different steering column, sans shifter), you'll need a new pedal cluster that includes the clutch pedal. Then you'll have to mount the clutch master, which on my '98 can barely be seen, much less mounted/removed (appears the brake master will need to be removed first to access the clutch master), will likely need a different tranny mount, etc., etc, ad nauseum..
    From your post, it seems like you want a fun little job that will have the truck up and running in (no more than) a couple of months, so in my mind, your only choice is to get the same model tranny / transfer case that came with the truck (or would have, had they not been removed!).
    If you get used one's, you'd be smart to have a tranny specialist go through them and replace any clutches and/or seals that require it....if nothing else, put a new filter in the tranny upon reassembly....check the transfer case and make sure you get the correct "fluid", too (some of them run on ATF!).
    It will be far less headaches and you'll have the truck up and running quicker, if you just replace what was removed, rather than swapping over to the other style of trans...anyway, I've got a manual tranny and the t'out bearing sucks. Never could bleed all the air out of it, so I've been living with a crappy pedal ever since the clutch was last replaced, probably 4 years ago now.

  4. OP
    Bob Palmer

    Bob Palmer New Member

  5. DeanMk

    DeanMk Member

    You're welcome Bob.
  6. OP
    Bob Palmer

    Bob Palmer New Member

    i started a thread about the worthiness of the 4.0 verses the 3.0 i was looking at rangers and i asked about how the 4.0 is for durability and came across a youtube.that showed changing out the timeing chains what a job that is. so i see a lot of ranger for sale now with 170 to 250k miles and all of them have the 4.0l engine. so that makes me thing that engine has a failing timing chain system and they are peddling that truck to get back something before it fails completely. so i have been looking for the 3.0 but they are hard to find in the 4x4. thanks

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