1997 3.0 into a 98?

Discussion in '1998 - 2011 Ford Ranger' started by gcextreme, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. gcextreme

    gcextreme GCEXTREME Vendor

    I have a 98 3.0 ext cab auto 4x4 truck with a bad motor.
    I found a 97 3.0 motor for sale, will it fit and work in a 98?
    Its from a 97 ext cab ranger 4x4 that was wrecked, driver side door damaged and bed damaged. Guy is parting it out. Wants $300 for engine.

    Is that a good price?

    Please note.. i have two rangers, a 1999 3.0 (my daily driver) and a 1998 3.0 (my project truck, has bad motor)
    Wanting to put this 1997 3.0 into the 1998.

    Please advise.
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  3. Rangeredgewhite

    Rangeredgewhite Ranger>Tacoma

    if there both originally OHV's then yes
  4. OP

    gcextreme GCEXTREME Vendor

    What is OHV?
    How do i determine if my 98 is an OHV and if the 97 is?
  5. Captured Time

    Captured Time watch this and hold on

    i say it should but i never swoped from gens like that
  6. It should be an OHV. Overhead valve. Only the 4.0 came with the SOHC, or single overhead cam as far as I know.... But I could be wrong.
  7. Rangeredgewhite

    Rangeredgewhite Ranger>Tacoma

    oh wait i didnt see that it was a 3.0 nvm
  8. OP

    gcextreme GCEXTREME Vendor

    Yea its just the 3.0... i dont know when/what they changed over the years, but i can park my 99 3.0 next to the 98 3.0 and they look 100% the same...
    But i think the ODB system changed from 98-99.. My flashpaq programmer says it only works for 99-10 rangers... so something with the computer is different between 98 and 99... but what about 97 and 98?

    I figure the engine blocks are the same?

    The guy is selling me the whole engine, all the stuff on it, etc..
    But i should be able to still use alot of the other stuff from the 98 trucks motor.

    Also, when i get this motor, what should i do to it before i drop it in?
    Replace some gaskets, etc... just give me some ideas of stuff i should replace while i have it out?
  9. Not sure when they changed from OBD I to OBD II... It should be the same though if your programmer is good for 99-10. I doubt they would have changed it to a different one for a year.
  10. OP

    gcextreme GCEXTREME Vendor

    So i figure if 98 has OBD I and 99 has OBD II, its safe to say that 1997 would have OBD I as well... so in theory the electronics from 97 to 98 would be the same?
  11. I would assume so. I'm trying to think of who the engine guru is on here.... Brinker88 should know more than me, so I'm gonna say talk to him before I steer you wrong lol
  12. OP

    gcextreme GCEXTREME Vendor

    Ok about buying a 3.0 motor from a 1997 Ranger, and putting into my 1998 Ranger project.
    The guy wants $300 for the motor. Has 120K miles on it.
    He informed me today, he will also sell me the transfercase and transmission, for an extra $100.

    That is a great deal... i think...

    But i need to know if the transmission and t-case will work in the 98???

    I know the motor/block will work, but not sure about tranny and t-case.

    I would like to get some advice FAST!!!! Going to get the motor tomorrow, its an hour n half drive... and i dont want to miss out on the tranny and t-case if it will work!!!

    Last edited: Mar 14, 2012

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