1988 Ranger Air Conditioning??

Discussion in '1983 - 1988 Ford Ranger' started by LaPistola, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. LaPistola

    LaPistola New Member

    So, I know you will all think I'm an idiot, and thats ok...I'm kinda feelin like one, especially since this is my 3rd 1988 Ford. First was my mustang, 14 years ago. Then my 351 Bronco, Now this...

    So, I bought this on a whim because I needed something better on gas and it runs perfectly. The seller told me that it only needed a new AC compressor to get it workin again...Well, come to find out, after an auto mechanic buddy of mine was scoping it out this evening, that it never even had AC...(myself and crew build bikes, so thats what I know best)

    So my question is, If this is supposedly an XLT, is this even possible? I've been doing a lot of post purchase research and I see very little mention of an XLT 2L 4cyl single cab, and more mention of an S model...

    So can anyone give me some input here? Naturally, tomorrow I'll be rolling back to the dudes house with a few of my crew and an ultimatum, confident I'll be leaving with a couple hundred back in my pocket... But I would like to know for sure, from folks who know this truck, exactly what the deal is...

    Any info will be immensely appreciated.

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  3. klinger86

    klinger86 Moderator

    It is possible if I remember correct back in 88 a/c was still an option that you could get vehicles with out.
  4. adsm08

    adsm08 New Member

    Well, A/C was an option that year. And not a common one either.

    The quick and dirty way to tell if it ever had A/C is to look at the climate control head. If it had A/C there will be a button near the middle that says "Air conditioning" and has a little blue light on it.

    But XLT is just a trim package and doesn't mean much for real options. Both of mine are XLTs, my 87 never had air, my 88 does have it.

    The "S" trim was the most stripped down version, and is the only pack that means anything. It was a 4-cyl (2.0) manual trans, 2wd, standard cab short bed, 14 inch steel rims.

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